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Berlinwood - Don't Give A Duck

Available for a limited time old discontinued Berlinwood Graphics not available anywhere else at a special price! Act fast.


100% Canadian Maple.

Berlinwood created the first fingerboard in 2002. He has provided the young fingerboard scene, which had been only plastic fingerboards, Berlinwood created with the first wooden fingerboards.
Several generations of fingerboarders from all over the world appreciate and love Berlinwood fingerboards.

Berlinwood fingerboards are made of five wooden plies. They are manufactured by professionals, the fingerboards are “100% handmade in Germany“. 

29mm Classic Shape

Deck + Engraved Berlinwood Riptape


29mm Trucks for Decks 29mm to 31mm
32mm Trucks for Decks 32mm to 33.5mm
34mm Trucks for Decks 33.5mm and up

Single Bearings wheels can work on almost all trucks with some excepts:
To use Single Bearing Wheels with Ytrucks, please use FBS Ytruck Spacers.

Dual Bearings Wheels only work on Ytrucks, TDLBT, TD32, Skull 32mm Trucks.

Wheels also come in 2 difference types:
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