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Pineapple Bushings - Swirls

Pineapple Bushings - Swirls

$4.50 AUD

Pineapple Bushings, soft bushings are handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

A lot of time and dedication is put into the creation of each individual bushing. 

"We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them." ~ Jack owner of Pineapple Bushings


Designed to fit: Blackriver Trucks, Dynamic trucks, Tech Deck trucks, TDLBT, and standard trucks  (such as Bollie Trucks, Dump Trucks, Skull Trucks, Radical FB Trucks and so on). 

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A set of 4 Soft Swirl Bushings


Note: Price INCLUDES GOODS AND SERVICE TAX (GST) like all other products on Radical Fingerboards