Buying Guide/ Parents Guide

Buying your child's first Wooden Fingerboard can be tricky. So here's a guide to help you decide on what to buy.  And a recommendation for each skill level. 

For a beginner coming from a small plastic Fingerboard. We recommend buying any of the Skull Completes or Bollie Completes. These complete sets come with all the necessary bits to build your own fingerboard. No need to buy anything else! These are recommended for children 8+ because of the small nuts and bolts involved. Part of the fun is putting your new fingerboards together like a real Skateboard. To make sure you do not lose any small bits, we recommend pouring everything into a bowl like you would for lego. If building the boards yourself seems too difficult you can also buy SYS Team Pre-Built boards where all you have to do is put the tape on!

The intermediate fingerboards: this fingerboarder wants to choose his own  individual bits but, does not want to spend the same amount of money as the Advanced. We recommend getting any single deck, with Bollie Trucks/SYS Team Trucks and Bollie Wheels or you can step it up to Winkler Wheels your board will roll after will feel smoother and Winkler Wheels work with almost all trucks. 

For the Advanced or "pro" we recommend buying each piece Individually. Berlinwood or another deck. Blackriver trucks and Winkler Wheels. Berlinwood (BW) , Blackriver trucks (BRT's) and Winkler Wheels (WW's) are all made to work in unison and have all the bits necessary to complete a perfect no compromise fingerboard setup. If you are looking to purchase a complete using the above products (BW, BRT's and WW's) use code " Setup5 " at checkout.

 For the Veteran fingerboarder, we recommend either a Bollie complete or a "choose your own individual pieces" decktrucks and Bearings wheels. But also we recommend a setup similar to the Intermediate.

Wanting to upgrade not sure what to do? We recommend you upgrade the board first as you get a new sheet of griptape and the setup feels almost new. When and if you upgrade your wheels or trucks make sure they are compatible. All trucks are compatible with all decks but wheels are not. If in doubt send us an email here.


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