Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Please read before contacting us 

Q: Where can I buy Radical Fingerboards products?

-Radicalfingerboards.com.au worldwide shipping

-Our warehouse at 14, 84 Old Pittwater Road Brookvale 2100 (Sydney Australia). (See opening hours below.) Please understand that this is not a store but a warehouse, so product viewing is limited. Phone: (02) 7910 8570

-Local markets in Sydney's Northern Beaches (Follow us on social media to find out when we go)

Q: Do you have a Brick & Mortar shop?

-Yes, currently we are an online store and have a "Fingerboard warehouse" in Sydney which you are welcome to come to!

Please understand that this is not a store but a warehouse, so product viewing is very limited.


Q: How do I setup my Fingerboard? 

-Check out our video on how to setup your Fingerboard by Clicking Here

Q: How much is shipping? How long does shipping take? 

- Please visit the shipping page! 


Q: When will ________ be available again? 
- Products are hand made in limited quantities which take a lot of time, there is always stock just around the corner. Best ways to find out when stock comes in, sign up to our newsletter, refresh the site every day, or (best way) follow us on Instagram and check our story where we share restocks early. https://www.instagram.com/radical_fingerboards/

Q: Can I choose the colour of the _____ I ordered?

- Colours of products are posted randomly, however, if you request a colour in the notes for seller we will try to fulfil it if that colour is available, (recommend) give us 2 colour options to help us get you the colour(s) you want the most. 

Q: Is all your stock kept in Australia?

- Yes! All of the products on the site are kept at our warehouse in Sydney and are ready to ship as soon as your order is placed. This means that no matter where you live in Australia you should receive your parcel within 6 days and no more*.  If you order from an International seller like FlatFace or Blackriver (Germany) parcels often take between 20-50 days to get here!! 

*Read shipping page for more exact shipping times.

Q: Why do the prices change on some products?
- Our products are constantly changing and evolving for the better. (Almost) All of our products are handmade somewhere in the world, whether it be America, Europe or somewhere else! The Prices can be higher or lower at times depending on the (terrible) exchange rate between currencies, and the ever increasing extremely expensive international shipping costs. We do our absolute best to keep costs down and only charge the same as the manufacturer. 


Q: Will my Complete Fingerboard come assembled?

- Most fingerboards are sold unassembled. Part of the fun is setting up the board yourself just like a real Skateboard, if you want help setting up your board please check out our video on how to setup your Fingerboard by Clicking Here

If you want a 100% setup deck please order a Pre-Built complete OR buy any complete and just add the Fingerboard Setup Service to cart as-well.



 Q: What is a fingerboard?

- It is a tiny skateboard where the rider performs tricks with his/her index and middle finger acting as feet.


Q: Can I start at any age? What age do I have to be to Fingerboard?

- You can start at any age!  Although, Fingerboards have very small parts, which are unsafe and easy to lose. Most fingerboards have 10+ or 12+ written on them, but we feel that at 6 you are old enough to Fingerboard. If you are under 9 we recommend an adult help you setup/fix or add new parts on to your Fingerboard! If you are smaller, a less wide deck(29mm) will be better, you will have more control over the board, thus making it easier to do tricks. 



Q: Is Fingerboarding difficult? How can I get better/ learn further?

- Yes. Have you ever tried doing any kind of Action Sport(Skateboarding, Scootering, BMXing, surfing)? The tricks are hard and it takes the time to learn. In Fingerboarding. Tiny world = tiny physics.  Things happen much quicker.  It can develop hand-eye coordination, reflexes and swift muscle memory.  It is a sport that is a fun challenge at any level, and you don't graze your whole body every time you fall!

- The best way to learn take a look at Tyler Rosenbauer tutorials (on Youtube channel Disney motion) and Follow other Fingerboarders on Instagram (and @Radical_Fingerboards on Instagram as well!)


Q: Is Fingerboarding for me?

- If you're on this website, you have been chosen to Fingerboard. Have ever imagined what it is like to skateboard or want to Skateboard even when you are off the board and you have 2 fingers, it is for you.


Q: I have a plastic board, is that just as good as wood?

- Plastic boards which are not Tech Deck are simply BAD. A Tech Deck is OK to get started, especially if you buy Riptape - Cut Classic as it comes with foam tape (1 uncut and 2 precut to Tech deck size) and improved bushings to make your Tech Deck the best it can be!

I have owned hundreds of Plastic decks they feel very cheap, snap easily and are only 26mm wide (tiny). But to answer the question. NO, they are not as good as professional Wooden Fingerboard (like the ones we sell).  Wood is used in Skateboards because of its special characteristics.  No synthetic material can capture the pop and flex of properly pressed wood. Radical Fingerboards offers high quality, performance, all-wood decks with a unique contour, kick and concave to give you the ultimate in response and beauty. 


Q: I make fingerboard products, can I sell them on your site? 

-The short answer is "it's possible", Please contact us with information about your company. Even consider sending us your "tester product(s)", the address will be given by email. Send to 

Radical Fingerboards
PO Box 551
Freshwater NSW 2096

Things to include in the email to louis@radicalfingerboards.com.au

  • Short blurb about your company
  • What products do you sell and prices?
  • Where are you based?
  • How long have you been making your products?
  • Are you able to make larger quantities? 
  • Do you make enough markup to sell at distribution prices?
  • Website and Instagram (if either available)? Include some photos


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