Gifts Under $20 Tech Decks are great for younger Fingerboarders or for those who are just starting to fingerboard. We have many different graphics including Toy Machine and Plan B Skateboards.    Our Radical Fingerboard bag is perfect for the keen Fingerboarder who wants to carry his fingerboards and all the...

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By Amanda Wiart

Fingerboard Ramps / Skatepark Features Rails: A long thin piece of metal that is usually square or round and is used to perform slides and grinds on. A "shotgun rail" is a rail that has 2 round rails stuck together and looks like the barrel of a shotgun, hence the name.  Check out...

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By Louis Wiart
A brief chart of most of the fingerboard trucks on the market.

Here is chart of the mains types of trucks.   X Tech Deck regulars Tech Deck wides China Wides Close Up G4 Blackriver Trucks 2.0 Ytrucks X3 Woodywood Fvcker (G1 & G2) Width (mm) 25 29 29 29 29 & 32 (Wide) 29 29, 30, 31 & 32 Single or Double...

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By Louis Wiart
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