Fingerboard Ramps / Skatepark Features

Rails: A long thin piece of metal that is usually square or round and is used to perform slides and grinds on. A "shotgun rail" is a rail that has 2 round rails stuck together and looks like the barrel of a shotgun, hence the name.  Check out our selection of Handmade Metal Fingerboard Rails. 



Kickers: (Also called Launch ramps in Skateboarding) They have a gradual flat (not curved like a quarter) slope to them, these ramps allow you to get enough air for more intricate flip tricks like the Nollie 360 flips. They can also help you Ollie up onto something as it gives your board extra air. People also like to use them as a bank (see below).  And in general are really fun; they are the most popular beginner ramp as they are portable, can be used in almost any spot, and cheap. Click here to see them 


Bank: Is a flat incline, it's an alternative to Quarter pipes with the coping and the curve in quarters. Small banks which are very steep are usually referred to as kickers. 

This photo shows a bank on the left and a Quarter Pipe on the right. 

Photo taken from


Quarter pipes: AKA "Quarters" are essentially curved ramps that represent 1/4 of a circle with a coping at the top of the ramp. The coping is usually a round metal rod which is used for slides and grinds. These are also great as a way to  turn back around in the "line". Click here to check them out.



Half-Pipe: Are 2 quarter pipes put together to form half of a circle. Half pipes allow you to constantly move back and forth between the two-quarter pipes, catch some air and pull tricks on the copping of each ramp. Click here to check out our halfpipe range. 

Hip: Is the meeting point on a corner between 2 banks or 2 quarters. There is usually a point on the ramp on which to do tricks, rotate and go down the ramp the other direction. These are the only ramps currently with hips:BLACKRIVER RAMPS WALL HIP AUSTRALIA

BR Wall Hip 



BR Box V (5)

Pyramids: Are 2 hips stuck (or 4 banks) stuck together, sometimes with a flat bit at the peak/top. The pyramids available in Fingerboarding are 2x Blackriver Wall Hips stuck together  as in this photo:


Image credit Instagram user @kylinsan


Spines: Spines are designed as two-quarter pipes placed back to back. Spines usually have a "shotgun" coping (see rails), between each side of the ramp. This lets you go up one side of the ramp and grind or slide and go down the other side. This is one of my favourite park features in Fingerboarding. See all spine ramps here


Bowls: As the name suggests these are shaped like a swimming pool / bowl. They usually have quartere the whole way round and can come in lots of shapes. But the most popular shape is a smaller "bowl" and a larger deeper "bowl" stuck together. Sadly these are not readily available in fingerboarding, they haven't been commercially produced for around 2 years and even when they were in production were made of solid cement (so very heavy and fragile) and cost around AUD $500! See first 2 photos below:

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