Here is chart of the mains types of trucks.


X Tech Deck regulars Tech Deck wides China Wides Close Up G4 Blackriver Trucks 2.0 Ytrucks X3 Woodywood Fvcker (G1 & G2)
Width (mm) 25 29 29 29 29 & 32 (Wide) 29 29, 30, 31 & 32
Single or Double axle Double Double Double Single Single Single Single
Kingpin Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Inverted (Torx head) Inverted (Phillips head)
Pivot Cup in Baseplate Hole Hole Hole Cup in Baseplate Soft Cup Soft Cup Soft cup
Default Bushings Very Hard Very Hard Very Hard Medium-Hard Hard Medium Medium
Bushing Washers None None None Conical washers Flat washers Flat washers None
Plastic threaded nuts No No No No Yes - axle and kingpin nuts Yes - axle nuts No
Branding No No No Close Up Skull Hand logo painted on hanger +Blackriver+ raised in metal on baseplates Y logo in the metal No
Colours Raw, polished, solid & metallic colours Raw Most solid colours Raw & some Solid colours Polished & many solid colours Many solid colours and colourways Many solid colours
Default screws Small head & medium length Small head & medium length Large head & short length (Chode screws) Small head & long length Medium head & long long length (steel) Medium head & medium length (with Torx heads) Large head & long length 
Nuts material Brass Brass Brass Brass Steel Steel Brass 

Blackriver Trucks are available to buy from Radical Fingerboards. In case part of the truck is broken instead of needing to buy a whole new set you can buy First Aids packs. Many BRT users use the TKY blue bushings that are soft and allow for loose truck turning. They also come with a steel keychain tool that is high quality and doesn't wear out like TD tools.

Ytrucks do not always have trucks in stock and sometimes you will need to wait for them to be in stock if you want to purchase them new. Ytrucks now also come with 2 Torx allen keys, the Ytool is $20AUD extra.

China wides are commonly available and are often rebranded (eg. Dump Trucks, Propaganda). These types of trucks are usually customised with various things. Usually, soft bushings and bushing washers replace the plastic bushings. The hangers and baseplates are often mixed. Some companies also repaint these trucks. Lots of people add their own soft pivot cups as the trucks do not come with any. Older versions of these trucks have the kingpin poking out of the bottom of the baseplate so watch out for that as most new decks do not have kingpin holes.

Woodywood Fvcker trucks are from Indonesia and have had a slight revision since the first version. The widths of the trucks depend on the axle and there are 29, 30, 31 & 32mm versions. They also come with riser pads and they make some interesting slider riser pads too (probably inspired by the Tensor Slider skateboard trucks).

It does not include: China regular trucks, X-Concepts TD longboard trucks (~2000), Close Up G1/G2/G3, BRTs 1.0, Ytrucks X1/X2.

Disclaimers: This is just a guide. Details may not be accurate. The author is not responsible for any physical or emotional injuries that may or may not occur from the result of reading this thread.


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