Gifts Under $20

Tech Decks are great for younger Fingerboarders or for those who are just starting to fingerboard. We have many different graphics including Toy Machine and Plan B Skateboards. 


Our Radical Fingerboard bag is perfect for the keen Fingerboarder who wants to carry his fingerboards and all the parts safely and easily. They come in Black and Camouflage.

With the Yellowood Fingerboard keychain fingerboards can attach their fingerboard to their backpacks or to the waistband of their jeans. Great stocking gift. 

Gifts Under $30

The Pocket kicker is a great gift as you can take it anywhere, and always have a good session. Not only does it look good in videos, but also for regular shredding it brings far more flow in your lines! It is a great first ramp.

Pocket Kicker Fingerboard Ramp

The Berlinwood Fingerboard rack is great for the keen fingerboarder who has a set of fingerboards. Put up to 5 decks fit into the new Berlinwood Fingerboard Rack. Store your decks in style and ready to use anytime.


Gifts Under $100

The Tech Deck Half Pipe is awesome for the younger fingerboarder who is starting AND who is after a large scale ramp. 


We have created a great bundle that includes a rail and pocket kicker and a complete fingerboard. This is a great gift for the fingerboarder who is ready to move on from Tech decks and wants to start landing tricks. 

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