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Ytrucks from Portugal are professional fingerboard trucks made by Yellowood. Available in many different colour combinations, Ytrucks fit pretty much all wheels and are great for dual bearing wheels with their longer axle. 
The Ytrucks X4 features a 32mm wide hanger which makes them fit perfectly on fingerboards which are 31mm, 32mm or 33mm wide.

One set of Ytrucks X4 contains:
- 2 Ytrucks X4 with 4 AutoBlock nuts, 4 bushings and 4 washers
- 10 screws*
- 1 Ykey (for screws and AutoBlock nuts)

The colour combination of these trucks: Gold baseplate / Red hanger

Ytrucks have a longer axle for dual bearing wheels like Ywheels. To ride single bearing wheels like Oak Wheels/Winkler Wheels/FlatFace wheels on Ytrucks we recommend using FBS Ytrucks Spacers, these will prevent damage to the truck axel. Damage to the truck by using single bearing wheels without spacers could* void your warranty.

29mm Trucks for Decks 29mm to 31mm
32mm Trucks for Decks 32mm to 33.5mm
34mm Trucks for Decks 33.5mm and up

Single Bearings wheels can work on almost all trucks with some excepts:
To use Single Bearing Wheels with Ytrucks, please use FBS Ytruck Spacers.

Dual Bearings Wheels only work on Ytrucks, TDLBT, TD32, Skull 32mm Trucks.

Wheels also come in 2 difference types:
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