Team Riders

Radical Fingerboards' Team Riders!


(Double Digits Aus)  Jono Pearson

Find him on the Double Digits (Australian Fingerboard Community) Facebook group:

From: Yerrinbool (Southern Highlands), NSW, Australia

Favourite obstacle(s)? "The Black river Yellow Rail stair set....otherwise any good quality manual pad or bench...preferably both"

Fonky Fingers Gnar shape 34mm, Ytrucks X5, Ywheels 65D White
Fonky Fingers Gnar shape 33mm, BRTs 32mm, Oak Wheels RV2V White


Welcome Video part (a must watch): 

Extra Video part:


(@dolipad)  Max

Find him on Instagram @dolipad or

From Northen Beaches (Sydney), NSW, Australia

More info coming soon!


(@_jr.fb)  Jake Rattigan

Find him on Instagram @_jr.fb or

From Northen Beaches (Sydney), NSW, Australia

Favourite obstacle(s)?  SYSTeam Marble Ledge (Grey) or Airflo Round Liska Rail


(Main) CatfishBBQ Freshwater, BRTs Silver/Silver 32mm, FlatFace Dual Durometers Wheels Black/White, FBS uncut tape

CatfishBBQ Full Bloom Freshwater 29mm, BRTs Silver 29mm, FlatFace Wheels G4-D White


Sponsorship Pack:




(@jj_fb)  Josh Juco

Find him on Instagram @jj_fb or

Also on Youtube:

From Hassall Grove (Sydney), NSW, Australia

Favourite obstacle(s)?  SYSTeam Marble Ledge (White) or BR Round Low Rail


(Main) Kalye Deck Clear Logo, BRTs Silver/Silver 32mm, Flatface BRR White Wheels, FBS uncut Tape

Kalye Deck OG Logo, BRTs Silver/Silver 32mm, Oak Wheels RV2 White, FBS uncut tape

Sponsorship pack unboxing:


(@jesus_fingers)  Josh Scarmarcia

Find him on Instagram @jesus_fingers or

From Gorokan (Central Coast) NSW, Australia

Favourite obstacle(s)? Close Up Marble Bench or BR Mini Table


(Main) Fonky Fingers Gnar Shape, Ytrucks X4 Rasta, Ywheels White 65D

FlatFace G15, BRTs Silver 32mm, BRT TKY Blue bushings, Oak Wheels RV2 Salmon

CatFishBBQ Saltwater, BRTs 32mm  BRT TKY Blue bushings, Flatface Dual Durometers Wheels Black Outer Turquoise Inner.



Sponsorship pack unboxing: 


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Welcome Video part: 


Wow where to begin. Firstly thank you to @radical_fingerboards for the opportunity to be apart of the team. But also everyone out there ❤️ who has seen the growth in this account and my journey from Tech decks to actual finger boards. I am humbled and grateful to be apart of such a good community and loving how much our own slice of the action is growing down here in Australia 🇦🇺 only looking to improve and bring more entertaining edits so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for some FB action 💪 Yours forever unholy -Jesusfingers ✌️ #radicalfingerboards #fingerboarding #flatface #fisheye #blackriverramps #blackrivertrucks #fingerboards #instagood #picoftheday #slomo #hobby #fingerskateclips #tbt #fingerboardaustralia #skate #skateboard #trick #flatface #igers #instadaily #fingerboardaustralia

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