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Teamrider Nash Jacquez brings you his first signature fingerboard ramp, the Sorry Spine. A simple, yet super versatile fingerboard obstacle that offers flow and endless possibilities for any spot setup.
Featuring the classic Blackriver veneer surface and our new Diamond Coping in a shotgun rail variant, it offers endless possibilities for different tricks.

Length: 25.5cm Width: 23cm Depth: 10.5cm

10,03" x 9,05" x 4,13"

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29mm Trucks for Decks 29mm to 31mm
32mm Trucks for Decks 32mm to 33.5mm
34mm Trucks for Decks 33.5mm and up

Single Bearings wheels can work on almost all trucks with some excepts:
To use Single Bearing Wheels with Ytrucks, please use FBS Ytruck Spacers.

Dual Bearings Wheels only work on Ytrucks, TDLBT, TD32, Skull 32mm Trucks.

Wheels also come in 2 difference types:
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