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FlatFace Wheels - G4 Crystal Clear

A brand new material Clear wheel from FlatFace is finally here! The world's newest and best clear wheel, this custom material is designed with performance and feeling in mind. The new 2.0 'Z' material wheels upgrade to the original Flatface clear wheels, a little bit softer but still fairly hard. Very durable.

Now in the very popular G4 shape, slightly larger than the standard BRR Edition Wheels, changing the feeling and the pop of your board. 

Flatface wheels feature real miniature ball bearings, just like a real skateboard wheel. 

FlatFace Single Bearing wheels are specially designed to work with Blackriver Trucks, but also work well with Dynamic Trucks and are compatible with Bollie, Skull, Close Up, Radical Trucks.

They will work with Ytrucks if FBS Ytrucks Spacer are installed. 

29mm Trucks for Decks 29mm to 31mm
32mm Trucks for Decks 32mm to 33.5mm
34mm Trucks for Decks 33.5mm and up

Single Bearings wheels can work on almost all trucks with some excepts:
To use Single Bearing Wheels with Ytrucks, please use FBS Ytruck Spacers.

Dual Bearings Wheels only work on Ytrucks, TDLBT, TD32, Skull 32mm Trucks.

Wheels also come in 2 difference types:
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