Riptape - Uncut Classic – Radical Fingerboards
Riptape  - Uncut Classic
Riptape  - Uncut Classic

Riptape - Uncut Classic

$8.99 AUD

Riptape Tuning Set classic Uncut
Invented in 2002 the original Riptape quickly became the most popular set for tuning plastic and wooden fingerboards. A smoother and better board feeling combined with a better turning control are convincing features. 

Riptape is available in Uncut to fit all fingerboards. Perfect for all sizes of Fingerboards (up to 32mm wide).

Package content:

3 sheets of riptape (uncut & 32mm Wide)

Sticker sheet

Attention: Washers and bushings are no longer included. Just the Riptape“ Precut“ Classic Set includes them.