Blackriver Trucks 2.0 - Gold/Gold 32mm – Radical Fingerboards
Blackriver Trucks 2.0 - Gold/Gold 32mm

Blackriver Trucks 2.0 - Gold/Gold 32mm

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Blackriver Trucks 2.0 - Gold/Gold

Gold Hanger and Gold Baseplate colourway.

32mm wide trucks made to fit Fingerboards 32mm and wider!

The first professional fingerboard trucks are here from Blackriver with some great innovations!

Blackriver Trucks include:
- 1 pair of Blackriver trucks (incl. Blackriver Trucks Orange Medium Bushings and Lock Nuts)
- 8 Gold mounting screws
- 1 Fingerboard Tool

The trucks are optimized to fit single bearing wheels such as Winkler Wheels, FlatFace Wheels and Oak Wheels.

Note: They do not work with dual bearing wheels like Ywheels or bearingless wheels like Bollie Wheels. 

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